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Newsletter No. 4, March 2024

New deadline for call for proceedings: 4 April!

ECCB2024 conference is welcoming full manuscripts for proceedings publications and talks. The proceedings deadline has been extended until 4 April so don’t miss the opportunity!

The conference is a great platform to present your research, demonstrating the development of new computational techniques and their applications in life sciences! In addition, accepted submissions will be published as conference proceedings in Bioinformatics journal.

ECCB2024 also invites abstracts for scientific talks and posters. Deadline for highlight talks and posters is 23 April.

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Registration is open

ECCB2024 is one of the main conferences in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Europe this year. You’re warmly welcome to the oldest city in Finland, Turku, on 16-20 September 2024! The theme for ECCB2024 is Data and algorithms for health and science.

Registration is now open, and the early bird registration fee applies until 1 July. Take use of the early bird offer and register!

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Meet the keynote speakers

We’re thrilled to announce Prof. Sarah Teichmann, Head of Cellular Genetics at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, as one of the keynote speakers at ECCB2024. Take a little break, and delve into our interview with Prof. Teichmann as she shares a sneak peek of her upcoming keynote address.

Sarah Teichmann
Keynote title: Mapping the human body, one cell at a time

Can you provide a brief overview of your keynote at ECCB2024?

“I’m incredibly excited to share our latest work on data science approaches for deciphering human tissues at the ECCB. Cells have a remarkable array of specialised functions, and must cooperate and collaborate in time and space to construct a functioning human. My talk will cover how we have harnessed cutting-edge single cell genomics and spatial technologies to understand this cellular diversity, how it is generated during development and how it goes wrong in disease. Data science and computational tools – increasingly incorporating AI/ML – is vital to our work, and I’ll share some fundamental insights driven by these methods, in particular on discovery of tissue niches from spatial data, and on deciphering immune cell development using antigen receptor data.”

What inspired you to choose this topic for your keynote?

“I want to celebrate how computation and data science really is at the heart of modern biology – and perhaps inspire further collaborations with audience members, particularly in the AI/ML sphere.”

How will your keynote contribute to the broader discussions in the field?

“My lab has ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ lab expertise integrated under one roof – indeed, often combined in single talented postdocs and students! I’d like to discuss how we can better integrate computational and experimental work, and what kinds of skill sets the future biologist should be preparing for.”

What kind of memories do you have from previous editions of ECCB conference?

“I was lucky enough to attend and present at the inaugural ECCB conference, which was held in Saarbrücken, Germany in 2002. This was a year after I had established my own lab at the MRC-LMB in Cambridge, and it was particularly memorable as it was one of the first keynotes I gave as a PI. So, it’s fantastic to be speaking again, 22 years on!”

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ECCB2024 strives to bridge global breakthroughs in computational biology with those in applied technologies, infrastructures and services.

The conference theme is Data and Algorithms for Health and Science. We are expecting 600-800 global experts in bioinformatics, computing, health data, and technology.

Join as an exhibitor/sponsor to present your products or services to an international audience of scientists, policymakers, and other stakeholders!

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